POS Peripheral

Mini Scanner

The mStation scanner is a specially designed handheld bluetooth scanner which can also be attached to the side of the mStation. It is ergonomically designed to hold comfortably with one hand. The base of the scanner has magnetism for ease of connection to the bluetooth docking device. This is part of the add-on accessories for the mStation to form a fully integrated POS system. The docking cradle is bluetooth enabled to communicate wirelessly with the scanner during handheld. It also acts as a charging station when docked. The scanner has a battery charge indicator and a bluetooth indicator.

The organic shape takes the form of the mStation and it sits neatly under the overhang of the curve cover, thus making the overall outlook of the machine looks sleek. Together with the mStation printer, both accessories can be attached to various models that has similar base unit cover.

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Industrial Design


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